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About Us

"In a world of style, trends and clique fashion. I believe clothing is just as deep as our galaxy. Because we are unique no one galaxy is the same. Some how it all aligns to be something cosmic -- stunning!"

- Tiffany Lo

Tiffany has always had a unique style and a passion for fashion. She believes that the universe creates a space for each person to be unique. That the universe is our inspiration for life. All we need to do is select the styles that the cosmos has shared with us... Each one of us wearing confidence in our own way.

Having run a successful online business such as Love Mug. It was only natural that Tiffany would break into the fashion world. Here at Cosmos Selected we strive to bring styles that could make you not only the center of the universe when you walk into the room — but unique, because you are.
She has created her online shop (May 2018). Carefully, working with only the best global merchants and artisans. To deliver styles you can be proud of showing off to the rest of the galaxy.
At Cosmos Selected the customer is the Star. Our customers who rock our apparel are unique and a personal experience.
Our company is based in the Queens, New York. In addition, we ship globally to Cosmos Customers around the world.


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